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The Myth, The Man, The Legend at TÓNG Penang.

[Penang, 2nd March] - Meet the indomitable Chef Benny Se Teo, a culinary force to be reckoned with, hailing from the vibrant city-state of Singapore. His direct and intense stare may initially seem intimidating, but behind that tough exterior lies an inspiring journey of resilience, redemption, and a commitment to giving back.


A high school dropout, Benny Se Teo navigated more than a decade of struggle, facing imprisonment for drug-related offenses and battling a heroin addiction. However, his story takes a remarkable turn as he emerges not only as a successful entrepreneur but as a beacon of hope for those often overlooked by society.

In a bold move, Chef Benny founded a successful restaurant chain that goes beyond serving delectable dishes. This visionary chef deliberately employs ex-offenders and troubled youths, understanding firsthand the challenges they face in securing employment due to their criminal records. He aims to provide these individuals with a second chance at life, a philosophy rooted in his own experience of overcoming adversity.

Chef Benny's restaurant chain achieved tremendous success, featuring signature dishes like the famed "Heart Attack Fried Rice." Beyond the culinary realm, he became a catalyst for change, winning hearts, making lasting connections, and helping individuals in need acquire lifelong culinary skills and, most importantly, second chances.

Alongside our culinary maestros, Chef Kenny Yeo and Chef John Goh, the dynamic trio presents to you a tantalizing menu with a service delivery to match.



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