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gastronomic alchemy

Tong offers a captivating dining experience with its audacious, elegant, and enjoyable atmosphere. It presents delectable small plates bursting with flavors, created using the finest ingredients sourced from Malaysia's bountiful land and sea, infused with international influences and ingredients.

A complement to the restaurant, the bar serves up specially crafted cocktails, niche spirits and tantalising non-alcoholic beverages. Local elements are infused into every cocktail, all of which are exclusively curated by the mixologist team.

Flaunting an elegant and contemporary look, the restaurant blends history and modernity. A world of delectable tastes awaits at TONG Restaurant with mouthwatering dishes and drinks for your ultimate indulgence.

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Located within 88 Armenian hotel, an award-winning marvel, bestowed with the prestigious accolade by the Singapore Institute of Architecture (SIA), is a testament to the unparalleled fusion of design and history.


The captivating tale of the building's history unfolds through a mesmerising architectural journey, inviting visitors to embark on a voyage through time. The exposed ceiling, a work of art in itself, graciously unveils a fascinating juxtaposition of modern concrete and weathered brick walls. This symbolic marriage of past and present pays homage to the rich heritage that this building has witnessed.

Stepping into the hotel's dining area, one is immediately entranced by the eloquent storytelling etched into the very walls. Shou-shugi ban burnt wood, a technique laden with tradition and artistry, adorns the walls, each piece recounting the building's fiery past. As guests dine amidst this captivating ambiance, they become intertwined with the echoes of time, forging a connection with the stories of yesteryears.

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